City to City Australia exists to help leaders build gospel movements in Australian cities. The vision of City to City Australia is to join with God to see major city centres in Australia worshipping Jesus Christ as Lord so that God will renew them spiritually, socially and culturally to the glory of God the Father.

City to City Australia is a resource for church planting and renewal in the cities of Australia. Our purpose is to catalyse new church plants and strengthen existing churches through our programs and resources. Part of our program includes the Australian Centre for Faith and Work, established to help Christians understand how to integrate their faith with everyday work.

We are a part of City to City Asia Pacific, which is, in turn, part of Redeemer City to City in New York City. The movement began out of the vision of Redeemer Presbyterian Church to see a renewal of Gospel-centred church planting in the great urban cities of the world, and is very much connected to the former pastor of Redeemer, Dr Timothy Keller.

We are not bound to any denomination, but rather to Christ. We know that it will take many churches to reach a city.

City to City Australia is under the governing direction of its Board, chaired by Rev Justin Moffatt, and which includes Mr Daren Armstrong, Mr Simon Miller, Rev CS Tang, Mr Ian Thompson, Mr Paul Symons and Ms Lara Rutledge. The CEO of City to City Australia is Rev Andrew Katay.

At the same time, we are working with many partners and friends to see Australia's cities transformed by the gospel.

Why new churches in cities?

The Apostle Paul, arguably the greatest missionary in history, had a simple, two-fold strategy as he set out to bring the gospel to the Gentile world. First, he went to the cities (cf. Acts 16:9, 12), and second, he planted churches in each city (cf. Titus 1:5 - "appoint elders in every town"). Having done that, he could say that he had "fully preached" the gospel and that his work had been accomplished (cf. Romans 15:19, 23). His assumption was that once a church was established everything necessary for the spread of the gospel would follow.

Today, research shows that new churches are the best way to reach new generations, new residents, and new people groups in a city with the gospel. In fact, they are up to 6 to 10 times more effective at attracting people to the gospel than older, more established churches. Although we desperately need the existing churches to continue to grow and maintain faithful gospel ministry, if we are to reach the rapidly growing numbers of people in cities who do not know Christ, we need hundreds and thousands of new churches to be established in those cities.

For the first time in the history of the world more than 50% of the world's population lives in cities. Most leading urbanologists estimate that by 2050 the number of people living in cities will exceed 75%. The growth of cities is the missional challenge of our generation.

How do you select local churches?

We recruit new church planters through one-on-one relationships and referrals from existing network leaders. They are then assessed locally before they're recommended to enter one of our training programs.

Some key traits we look for are local leaders who can contextualise the gospel to their city, and natural evangelists with an entrepreneurial spirit. To date, our 'parent' organisation Redeemer City to City has trained 7,000 leaders from over 45 global cities. 

 The following churches are partners of City to City Australia.




Soma Australia is a partner with City to City Australia

Visit somaaustralia.org.au for more information and read more about our work together here



When urban church planters set out to start new churches in their cities, we want them to succeed. We recruit, assess, train, and coach local leaders all over Australia, helping them to launch and grow healthy churches. Our programs include The Incubator, Preaching Incubator, International Intensive, and Coaching.


New churches take the lead to reach new people groups and generations with the gospel and act as a lab for existing churches. City to City Australia utilises resources from the City to City Network to share the best training, thinking and experience after planting about 300 churches. Click through to some of our resources.


City to City works with network leaders all over the world to create sustainable and faster-growing gospel movements. We are seeing networks of gospel-centred churches that train, fund, and support others so that hundreds of new churches can be planted and sustained in 65 global cities by 2025. To find out more get in contact via info@citytocityaustralia.org.au.


Australian cities, like most global cities, are super expensive, and a lot of the churches we help start each year will require money to get off the ground. When the church becomes self supporting, it can provide seed money to start another church in that city. To find out more please contact us via info@citytocityaustralia.org.au