An interview with Matt Straw, Planter at Church Hill 4PM

So, how's it all going?

We've been going for nearly two years - a real landmark. We've seen our community grow from zero to about 50 people who call 4PM home. We've seen four people come to faith (I worked out the other day that's one every six months) - and that's probably the most exciting thing for any pastor. We also have a growing group of leaders as well as a renewed focus on prayer, which are both healthy signs I think. 

But a pastor lives in that weird place between contentment and desire. There are so many changes I want to see in our community. There are many opportunities for growth. Within the community we could love one another more. And I'd also love to see more energy toward caring for outsiders, sharing the gospel and using the gifts he's given us to see this city flourish.

What's been most encouraging for you?

Watching people within the community take a real sense of ownership of it has been cool. Watching these people organise to care for each other more intentionally, notice and take action on needs they see, or even just bring issues and ideas to the table is a real encouragement. It means people see and value this community like Christ does and just as much as i do. Having a team like this around me is something i'm so thankful for. 

Prayer Points

- Pray for our core team as they gather this month to encourage each other and pray and plan for 2015

- Pray for renewed energy for mission to our local area, Sydney CBD and Millers Point and for us to become a vital part of these communities

- Pray for continued growth in maturity and people coming to faith

- Pray for our new Community Group leaders

Visit Us

Church Hill 4PM meets every Sunday at 4PM (derrr) at The Garrison Church, Millers Point (cnr of Argyle and Lower Fort Streets). It's the newest congregation-plant of Church Hill Anglican.