The Why and How of Spiritual Discipline

The student needs to study. The worker needs to work. The parent needs to mind the kids. A common struggle is cultivating the discipline to pray and read the Bible amidst our busy schedules.

But when we finally find the time to engage in these spiritual disciplines, are we satisfied because we can check it off the list and move on to the next ‘to-do’ item? Or when we get a good habit going, are we equating the amount of quiet time with the amount of favour and love showered by God?

These motivations are tricky to pinpoint because only God and we ourselves know what lies in our hearts. Steve Childers helps us to see the importance of understanding the affections of our hearts:

Prayer Points

·         To encourage others with the question ‘Why do you try to read the Bible and pray on a daily basis/regularly?’

·         Ask God to reveal and change any ungodly or misguided motivations

·       To delight in quiet time as a time of appreciating the restored relationship we have with God through Christ