Can the gospel impact my workplace?

I attended a workshop of about 20 Christians a few days ago. The purpose of the meeting was to think about how we can inspire a faith and work movement in Australia.

We all came from different backgrounds, working in different "ministries" and all with our own story. One contributor wisely noted that a movement is already happening, the fact of which was seen by the meeting itself.

The things that struck me though were the stories that kept popping through our discussions. The story of someone who meets and prays with individuals in his very substantial workplace, another sharing the observations of his co-workers that testified to me of his integrity and yet another who left a workplace after many years to discover her impact was largely hidden from her sight.

We do need serious thinking, we do need a better understanding of how the Gospel speaks into the fast torrent of our ever changing culture and we surely do need strong leadership by Christians in positions of influence. But I was struck again through these stories that the heart of any change will come as the Gospel grips my heart, empowering me to be salt and light in my own context - at work, home, my local community or club, wherever I rub shoulders with others.

It's interesting that there is at least one parable which gives us an insight into Jesus' thinking about what he will be looking for when he does his final "appraisal" of every individual. It is in Matthew 25, where he paints a picture of a vast scene of the nations gathered before the Son of Man.  The key measures the Son uses are simple acts of love: feeding, clothing, visiting, be-friending those who are in need. (Yes, he does mention those things are done to the ones who are the least of his brothers and sisters. But how do you think some of these became his brothers and sisters? Quite likely from one of these simple acts prompted by and accompanied with the Gospel.)

How will the Gospel impact my workplace? Perhaps by the extent to which it impacts my heart?

Our second annual Renewing My Workplace conference explores many of these issues. Click on the link to find out more.