Faith at Work

A major new study, the first of its kind in Australia, has highlighted that church-going Christians see their faith as a major factor in their day to day work.

The State of Work in Australia, commissioned by Reventure Australia, surveyed more than 1,000 Australians on workplace issues. Among other things, most Christians in the study said that their faith helps them to face the challenges at work (80%) and that their church helps them understand how to live out their faith in the workplace (69%).

Yet, there is room for improvement in how we equip Christian workers. Only 40% of Christian workers say that their churches provide teaching or resources to maximise the opportunity of the workplace as being a centre of spiritual expression. The study also showed that almost two thirds of Christians do not feel very comfortable about talking about their faith.

"We understand the pressures that Christians face in the modern workplace," says, Managing Director of Reventure Australia, Lindsay McMillan, "And many feel the pressures on their faith expression."

The study also indicated that Christians are happy to work morally (60%) and ethically (54%), but struggle with temptations (39%) and do not feel confident evangelising in the workplace (22%).

This research is particularly important in that it gives us a baseline to understand and track our understanding of work in Australia, with a significant focus on Christian workers.

Reventure is a valued partner of the Australian Centre for Faith and Work, who together with Regent College are behind this year's Renewing My Workplace conference. Our aim is to provide Christians with tools and resources to effectively serve Christ through their vocations. To find out more about the conference click here.

For more information about the State of Work in Australia, contact Dr Lindsay McMillan, Managing Director, Reventure Ltd, +61 (0)409 186 322