Popcultured (book review)

One of my favourite things about conferences is browsing the book tables. Attending a recent conference on Christian Calling, I came across Popcultured by Steve Turner. I wasn't disappointed.

It's been around for a few years, so some of the pop culture references may have dated a bit (it was published in 2013), but this is a fantastic resource for anyone who wants to step back and think about Pop Culture. Turner has a wealth of experience in the media, having been a journalist for publications such as Rolling Stone and has written a number of books on music legends such as the Beatles, Cliff Richard and Johnny Cash.

Turner breaks the book into 14 chapters, beginning with the concept of culture and seeks to build a biblical framework for our understanding. He also looks at the pervasive influence of pop culture in our lives and spends individual chapters looking at topics such as cinema, journalism, celebrity culture, fashion, advertising and technology among others. Each chapter has review questions and summaries, making this a great resource for small group ministry.

The book makes a great contribution to our understanding of social trends and influences that are perhaps more powerful than any other in the developed world. His approach is also balanced, as there is so much Christians can both learn from and contribute to pop culture, knowing that creative expression in the arts is a significant means of glorifying God.

The book is published by IVP and is available in both paper and digital formats.