Rest awhile this year

This time of year, people can hardly be advised to take a break and have a rest. Our culture really knows how to enjoy itself at the beach, the cricket, the tennis or some other iconic summertime getaway.

Yet, while leisure is an important part of rest, it's not the whole story. God created seasons and rhythms in our lives for our good. Our leisure, just as much as our work, is part of our worship. And a very big part of our leisure involves the idea of rest or "sabbath". (If you want to read more about what "sabbath" means, check out this article by Tim Keller.)

It's certainly great to get to the beach and be part of a big summer sporting event. It's also important to be intentional about using our rest as a means of refreshing ourselves in God throughout the year.

In light of this, David Kim from the New York Center for Faith and Work, has created a simple worksheet to help you plan your patterns for work and rest during the coming year. You can download a copy from our Resource Library.

By using this simple sheet, you can start thinking about what hinders you from taking time out from your work and finding rest. 

May you find seasons of rest in Christ this year.