Redemption Hill launches!

Redemption Hill Green Square celebrated their official launch last weekend on Sunday 19 March. Jeremy Tan, Church Planter and Lead Pastor, shares with us how the day went...

It was wonderful display of God’s kindness, power, provision and faithfulness and a very tangible expression of all the different parts of the Body working together. The day was seeped in our vision (Jesus Everyday) through interviews, the songs we sang, the Bible message from Colossians 1:15-20 which focused on Jesus’ supremacy over all things, time in prayer, kids’ talk and activities, and quotes on the walls. We had about 150 people join us on the day and most stayed for a housewarming party after the service where there was lots of food to share and family fun (ball pit and face painting for the kids!).


As Redemption Hill looks to next Sunday and the Sundays to come, they would love for you to keep them in your prayers. Please pray:

  • For the Spirit’s power, that we might see 10,000 people come to sing of Jesus and praise Him, and
  • That as the gospel goes out, whole lives, the whole of Green Square, our whole city would be renewed in a holistic way: socially, culturally, relationally, physically and spiritually, until Jesus’ song resounds everywhere on earth and His Name is heard in every place.

Redemption Hill Green Square meet on Sundays @ 10am at Level 4, 184 Bourke Road Alexandria, Sydney.