New church in Canberra ready to launch!

Exciting News! 19 March 2017 marks the date when a new church will be launched in the nation's capital. For some weeks Steve and Anna Boxwell have been meeting together with members of the launch team ready for their first public service at Lake Tuggeranong College (123 Cowlishaw Ave, Greenway, ACT).

This will be an exciting day for the Renew Anglican Church, Tuggeranong, situated in the south of Canberra. (To read more about the church plant click on their profile here.) 

What would make it more exciting would be if they could somehow get hold of an electric piano! This is the one thing that they are lacking and if you are in a position to help them, please contact us at or (02) 9797 1545.

Steve and Anna Boxwell

Steve and Anna Boxwell

It's our prayer that God will look down and bless this new congregation planted in the political heart of our nation!