Training and Consulting from Todd Morr

Todd Morr is coming to Sydney, Adelaide and Melbourne with Soma Australia in November.

Todd has a passion to see churches united and working together in cities. He is coming over to Australia to provide coaching, strategic planning, events and seminars to help you move towards greater disciple-making effectiveness. 

‘We can make gospel communities on mission too complicated for people (Many of us have been saying this for awhile now). The more we can simplify the better. People need simplicity, but also clarity, so they can actually live this out. Internationally, leaders are realising that their people don’t need endless training events, they need someone walking alongside helping them with next steps.’ - Todd Morr

He has worked with church leaders and teams in over 20 countries helping them move toward greater disciple making effectiveness. While he is in Australia there are lots of opportunities for you and your teams. He will be available to meet up with you, run seminars, and provide coaching. There are two specific areas he can assist you in Every Day Mission and Assessment, Tracking and Goal-setting.

Todd will be in these cities:

  • Sydney: November 8-11

  • Adelaide: November 12

  • Melbourne: November 13-15

For more information and details about how to get in touch visit