Gospel-Centered Coaching

Planting a church or leading a church is a challenging task. City to City Australia is committed to supporting people in their journey as a leader and in this task. To do this we provide coaches. Coaches are trained in gospel-centered coaching based on the insights from the Gospel Coach.

This is what one of our trained coaches had to say about the coach training:

"I found the City to City coach training a delightful mix of applied gospel theology, pastoral skills, memorable coaching 'handles' and practical real life training with feedback. For the last two years I have been enriched in my own ministry by monthly coaching of a church planter. I look forward to these regular coaching moments as spiritually invigorating yet stretching collaboration in fresh church planting activity on the ground. I am invariably refreshed for my own ministry through this close partnership with a much younger gospel comrade in another city."
– Paul Winch, AFES Campus Director, UTS Credo, Sydney

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Coaching update with Ed Vaughan

Developing the skill of coaching for church planters takes time and effort.

Potential coaches meet once, for two days of training. Then we meet six times (via Skype) to practice coaching. And then we meet a final two days, to reflect, review and deepen the training.

We had our final two days of training on October 27 & 28. There were six participants involved from NSW and Queensland. 

Please pray that more churches are planted, and more church planters are helped as a result of this training. 

And pray for Roger Bray and I (Ed), as Directors of Coaching for City to City, as we review how we are delivering this training. Our goal is to continually reflect on our practice so we can develop the quality of the training.

Edward Vaughan