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The architect, the activist and the academic - City Lab Melbourne

Have you heard the one about the architect, the activist and the academic?

At our last City Lab workshop in Melbourne, we had presentations from all three — in a library in Carlton.

Sydney Architect Melonie Bayl-Smith (Founding Director of Bijl Architecture and Adjunct Professor at UTS) shared about the challenges and opportunities of integrating her trust in Jesus with her professional practice.

Melbourne-based activist Andrew Naylor (Australians Together) spoke about our need to be interrupted and listen to the voices of indigenous Australians.

And Melbourne University academic Catherine de Fontenay (Associate Professor of Economics at Melbourne Business School, University of Melbourne) gave her expert perspective on injustice in Australia today, and gave us a glimpse of her personal response in choosing to be part of a church that pushes her out of her socio-economic comfort zone.

One of the decisive convictions of City to City Australia is that the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ is both creator and saviour — and that those two things are deeply connected. We’re convinced that this makes all the difference for our Christian lives and leadership.

So it was a privilege to hear from three such articulate and personally engaged Christians about life in the trenches of integrating faith, work, justice and mission.

The whole event was framed by a presentation from Andrew Laird (City Bible Forum and Dean of the Marketplace Institute at Ridley College). Andrew took us on a whirlwind tour of the Bible’s teaching about the role integrated Christian lives play in God’s mission in the world.

All told, the City Lab was a rich and stimulating opportunity to reflect on the challenge and necessity of integration. My prayer is that it helped Christian leaders develop a theological vision for this urgent task — informed not only by the biblical pattern but also by the on-the-ground realities of work and the world.

Chris Swann
Director of Training

Workship: How to use your Work to Worship God

Kara Martin is the author of a new book about Christian faith and work, “Workship: How to use your Work to Worship God”.

Kara explains that the Hebrew root word for "work" is also the root word for "service", particularly service to God in worship. "By combining the two words 'work' and 'worship' I hope to challenge people to integrate their faith and work. Work does not just refer to what is done in paid employment. I believe that God sees work as any purposeful activity requiring focus and effort."

A "Workship" forum and book launch will be held in Sydney on Saturday 29 April at Macquarie Chapel Presbyterian Church, Eastwood NSW, at 2:30 pm. Full details can be found here.

Australian author Kara Martin speaks with Life@Work director Andrew Laird about her new book "Workship: How to use your Work to Worship God".

Renewing My Workplace

Renewing My Workplace

The Australian Centre for Faith and Work's first annual conference was well received by over 160 participants on Saturday 31 October. It was great seeing people coming from every state and territory apart from Tasmania, who represented a broad spectrum of ages and work backgrounds.