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Can a Christian run an offshore detention centre?

Greg Lake shares his experience as a manager of offshore detention centres and reveals how he had to decide whether he could honour God while continuing to fulfil his responsibilities.

Greg's story throws into sharp relief some thorny problems related to a Christian perspective on showing mercy to those in need, especially Refugees. This particular issue, together with homelessness is being tackled in a practical workshop hosted by ADM and Hope for Sydney. The details of the workshop are:

These are such important issues and hope that many attend this workshop.

Transforming Work Conference

As a final year university student with graduation looming round the corner, I often wonder and worry about the type of work I will be doing, the kind of people I will meet, and how I will work as a Christian. With my marketing major, people sometimes comment, “You marketers just bring out the greedy side in people. You tell us what we want even if we don’t need it.” Indeed this is the case in our consumerist world, and I hope I will continue to let my faith shape the way I work, rather than having a gap between what I say and do on Sunday as opposed to the rest of the week.

Mae-Ann Soh

This very interaction between faith and work will be discussed at ‘Transforming Work’ conference at Malyon College, Brisbane on Saturday June 20. By examining what God thinks of our work, and how church affects our work, the aim is to capture a vision for serving God in the workplace. This conference is suited for those in paid work, those about to enter the workforce, and for church leaders who desire to empower the Christian workers in their congregations.

The details of the conference are as follows:

Cost: Inclusive of food and beverages

Prior to May 20, early bird prices for individual are $45, and group (5 or more participants) are $40. Standard prices for individual are $55 and group are $50. 

Time: 8:30am – 4:30pm, Saturday June 20

Location: Malyon College

                   53 Prospect Road Gaythorne, 4051

Register here 

More Information:

Contact Murray Wright by email or by mobile (0406766240)

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