Workship: How to use your Work to Worship God

Kara Martin is the author of a new book about Christian faith and work, “Workship: How to use your Work to Worship God”.

Kara explains that the Hebrew root word for "work" is also the root word for "service", particularly service to God in worship. "By combining the two words 'work' and 'worship' I hope to challenge people to integrate their faith and work. Work does not just refer to what is done in paid employment. I believe that God sees work as any purposeful activity requiring focus and effort."

A "Workship" forum and book launch will be held in Sydney on Saturday 29 April at Macquarie Chapel Presbyterian Church, Eastwood NSW, at 2:30 pm. Full details can be found here.

Australian author Kara Martin speaks with Life@Work director Andrew Laird about her new book "Workship: How to use your Work to Worship God".