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BORN IS THE KING – a Nativity Carols Service by Laurel Moffatt, available TO PURCHASE for digital download

In 2015 Laurel Moffatt went searching for a nativity play for the family Christmas service at her church in Sydney, Church Hill Anglican. But not just any play. She was looking for a resource that was true, compelling, easy to use and well-crafted.

She couldn’t easily find one. So she wrote one instead.

Born is the King is neither solely a nativity play nor simply a carols service. It is, instead, both. It balances the lighthearted with the serious, nestles right in to Scripture without necessarily quoting large slabs verbatim, uses traditional, familiar Christmas carols that relate directly to the action of the play, presents the Gospel clearly to both kids and adults without excluding either, is well-written, and is easy for kids to speak and memorise.

Included in the download are:

  • Printable props needed for the play

  • Professionally designed illustration ready to use for both digital and print purposes. Your print and social media needs are all taken care of!

Purchase Born is the King now and you could even send Born is the King straight away to your minister or children’s worker so that they can be well ahead of the planning rush for this year’s family Christmas service!

A note from the author: I hope that Born is the King may be of service to your community this Christmas, and that it can be used as a winsome witness of the great love that our Father has lavished on us in the gift of his Son, Jesus, our King. -Laurel Moffatt

Download a free sample of Born is the King here