The Incubator is our key two-year program to serve, train, and develop church planters and ministers in Australia.

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City to City Australia has partnered with Bible College SA, Christ College, and Ridley College, affiliated colleges of the Australian College of Theology (ACT). These affiliated colleges of the ACT employ appropriately qualified City to City Australia staff to deliver the Incubator program as accredited units for graduate awards.

The Incubator program can also be taken for audit in these locations, as well as Perth, and the Gold Coast (commencing semester two 2018).

Each learning module addresses the specific needs of planters, including skills in thinking theologically about ministry, and growth in the various areas of ministry. Church planters go through the program during the critical phase of launching their congregations. They get practical help on writing their action plan, the philosophy of ministry, crucial ministry development, and preaching, among other topics. Ideally, this training is accompanied by coaching to encourage the planters to perform to the maximum extent of their giftedness.

For ministers and pastors who are well established, this program is a great opportunity to focus on renewal in your current ministries.



The Incubator will be running in the following locations in 2018:

  • Adelaide: Bible College SA (Audit or credit)
  • Gold Coast: NewLife Uniting Church (Audit only) – commencing semester two
  • Sydney: Christ College (Audit or credit)
  • Melbourne: Ridley College (Audit or credit)
  • Perth: Subiaco Church of Christ (Audit only)

how to register


Individual registration: $750 per semester

Discounted rates available for approved church groups and church planters. Contact us for more information.

NB: Participants at Bible College SA - please register with the college directly

credit students (MA ACCREDITED program)

Enrolment with the Australian College of Theology (ACT) for our Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne programs is through our partners listed below, affiliated colleges of ACT. The tuition fees are set by ACT on an annual basis. More information about tuition fees is available at Please contact each college directly for further information and how to register for MA accreditation:

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Bible College SA, Adelaide
(CRICOS Provider code: 02650E)
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Christ College, Sydney
(CRICOS Provider code: 02650E)
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Ridley College, Melbourne
(TEQSA Provider: PRV12010)
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City to City Australia is offering a peer learning experience designed to take Tim Keller’s framework for preaching and provide an environment in which it actually changes your practice of preaching.

The program is structured around two halves:

  1.  A discussion of various Keller resources on preaching, including unpublished materials
  2.  An application of this learning to actual sermons

An additional component of the Preaching Incubator is that across a period of time, members will commit to preaching the same text of Scripture on the same Sundays. This will facilitate a special experience - peer preparation, using the principles developed during the year, along with review of each others’ sermons from the vantage point of having preached the same text.

The vision is that if the principles for preaching outlined by Keller in his book actually transformed the practice of preachers in cities across Australia, the impact would be dramatic, both in winning the lost for Christ, and transforming the lives of his people.

Bible College SA (CRICOS Provider code: 02650E) is an affiliated college with the ACT and employs appropriately qualified City to City Australia staff to deliver the Preaching Incubator program as an accredited unit for graduate awards.

Prerequisite: Some exposure to City to City training and/or ecosystem

To find out more about the Preaching Incubator, email us at


The International Intensive is a training program for those starting churches in global cities. It is held over two weeks in the Asia Pacific region (in May), and over five weeks in New York City (in October).

The program is designed to prepare church planters by exposing them to church planting concepts, theological resources to grow churches, leadership modules, and other church planting principles.

Participants in the Intensive are selected through an extensive recruiting and screening process.

To find out more about the Intensive, email us at


Coaching provides church planters with support, assistance and accountability. A coach helps a planter develop their church planting competencies, addresses personal life issues, and provides insights into role navigation in the church planting project in the context of a friendship. It is a process of imparting encouragement and skills to the planter in order to succeed in starting a gospel-centered church, in the context of a gospel friendship.

"Coaching may very well be the single most important ingredient for success in a new church plant. Everyone needs to learn from those who have traveled the path of life and ministry ahead of them—great benefits can be reaped from their wisdom and experience. Having someone to guide new church planters along the sometimes difficult path of ministry can be invaluable." (Logan & Johnston, Cultivating Church Multiplication Movements)

Our coach trainers are Roger Bray, Director of Coaching, and Ed Vaughan.

If you would like to be trained as a coach, visit our Coaching page for more information.


The Gotham Fellowship is a one year-long intensive training program designed to be delivered in your church. It provides a terrific foundation for workers who want to know how their faith can have meaningful integration with their work.

Gotham is not for the feint-hearted! It requires commitment on the part of the church to free up one or more of its leaders to lead a weekly study over a 28-week curriculum that encompasses the foundations of the Christian faith and how that faith impacts on a wide array of personal and cultural issues. 

The Fellowship integrates three primary elements to further the social, cultural, and spiritual renewal of its participants:

Theological Training: At the core of our program is the commitment to consider how the gospel impacts every area of life. We develop a worldview that draws from the deep resources of the Reformed tradition and is sufficiently robust to engage the diverse and complex culture of Australia.

Spiritual and Personal Development: The Fellowship fosters personal, spiritual and professional development through daily devotions and relationships with pastoral leaders and mentors from their congregations.

Community Formation: The Fellowship is a community of peers, from diverse backgrounds and vocations, who are committed to each others’ spiritual growth and calling to serve the common good of the city.

To find out more, contact us at