Would you like to grow as a leader?

City to City Australia is in the unique position of being licensed to conduct 360° reviews that assess three key areas of leadership in ministry:

(a) how you conduct yourself in important conversations,
(b) how you lead teams, and
(c) how you lead organisational change.

Results from the 360° review are used to consider how a leader might grow through a series of predictable, learnable 'agility levels' that are rooted in well‐documented stages of personal development. The results and the feedback are then augmented with gospel-centred coaching. The outcome is leaders who are growing in their ability to lead gospel-shaped ministries.

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The 360° review was developed as a result of the research done by Bill Joiner and his team. The book Leadership Agility is a good introduction to the ideas behind the 360° review.

Our Director of Coaching, Roger Bray, is Certified in the Leadership Agility 360. If you would like to explore how to grow as a leader using this 360° review, please complete the form below.

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