March 2014, WESLEY CENTRE, Sydney


Over three days in March 2014, more than 700 Pastors and Church Planters from across Australia and New Zealand gathered in Sydney to hear Tim Keller explain his theological vision for contextualised gospel-centred ministry in urban settings.

“It Takes A Movement To Reach A City” was designed as a resource for church pastors and planters, forging a common vision for our cities, and facilitating collegial action towards a gospel movement in the cities of Australia.

All sessions are replicated here, including the six plenary sessions given by Tim Keller along with group consultations and the two breakout sessions on Theological Vision.

Session One - tim keller

movement dynamics

Dr Tim Keller introduces the topic of Gospel Movements, considering their characteristics and why "movement dynamics" are essential to seeing the Gospel flourish in our cities.


Session TWO - Tim Keller

integrative ministry

Here Tim Keller explains that Pastors need to be equipping their people to "integrate" their faith to all of life. Here he focusses on evangelism and two specific areas of "integrative ministry": Workplace Discipleship and Ministries of Mercy and Justice


Session THREE - Tim Keller


Tim Keller explains the importance of being able to communicate the Gospel in ways that are both effective and sensitive to the cultures in which we operate.


session four - Tim & Kathy keller with Justin and Laurel MOffatt

Ministry and Marriage

The Kellers share from their experience about balancing relational priorities in the context of a busy pastoral ministry


session five - tim keller

grace renewal dynamics

Tim Keller explains how the Gospel deals with our fundamental problem of "disordered loves" and how Pastors need to discern between Gospel application rather than a moralist one.


session six - tim keller's final charge

tim keller's final charge

In his final keynote Tim Keller leaves his hearers with an encouragement to maintain their confidence in God's mercy and not in their success.


Breakout session

Theological vision 1

Theological vision is an articulation of the gospel for a particular time and place, and fundamentally shapes how you do ministry. This seminar led by Redeemer City to City staff, Scott Kauffmann and Mark Reynolds, will take you deeper into what theological vision is, how to articulate one, and how ministry practice is shaped by it.


Breakout session

Theological vision 2

In this second session, Scott Kauffmann and Mark Reynolds look further into the implications of how Theological Vision impacts ministry formation.


group consultation Q & A Session 1

Tim Keller responds to various questions about Movement Dynamics and Integrative Ministry


group consultation Q & A Session 2

Tim Keller and panel members respond to questions about contextualising the Gospel.


group consultation Q & A Session 3

Tim Keller responds to various questions about Grace Renewal dynamics.