Steve and Anna Boxwell

Steve and Anna Boxwell

Steve boxwell

Renew anglican church, Tuggeranong

Steve fell in love with Canberra by accident. When he was 18 he began praying regularly that 10% of Canberrans would be part of gospel-hearted churches in his lifetime. This prayer requires a quintupling of the gospel work currently in Canberra. At the time he had no intention of pastoring a church or living in Canberra. God put this prayer of Steve’s heart because he wanted Canberra on Steve’s heart. He now loves the crisp winter nights and sunny days, walking our daughter Florrie and dog Quincey around national landmarks, and smart people talking about complicated things. Anna already knew Canberra was great - she required no where near as much prompting by the Lord. 

Steve and Anna have served in an Anglican Church in South Canberra for the last several years and in 2017 have been released to plant Renew Anglican Church in Tuggeranong, in Canberra’s South. We have a great team of people who are eager to see your church grow and plant other churches to the glory of Jesus. We are begging God to see Canberra transformed by the love of Jesus. Canberra is a diplomatic city. There’s embassies and consulates and high commissions everywhere. Renew is an embassy of the Kingdom of God. We are convinced that when Jesus returns he will make all things new (Rev 21.5). Because of this we want to treat our city in the direction that Jesus will treat it when he de-thorns and de-thistles the earth. We long to see Canberra and Canberrans transformed spiritually, socially and in the public square - starting with us. Find out more about Renew Anglican here.



Ralph Mayhew (left), Ori Zacher (right)

Ralph Mayhew (left), Ori Zacher (right)


Village church, burleigh HEADS

Village is a church plant of Newlife Uniting Church, started in May, 2017. We are situated in Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast, with the vision to go to the 85% of Australians in Burleigh who will never come to church, bless them and invite them to follow Jesus. Village is led by Ralph Mayhew, married to Lyndal with their two kids, and by Ori Zacher, married to Bec, with their three kids.

Ori and Ralph wanted to create a church where people who are completely unfamiliar with anything Christian or ‘churchy’ will feel at home, be transformed by Jesus and then invite their friends to meet Jesus too. Burleigh is the first of many church plants into other surrounding postcodes, contributing to making more disciples across the Gold Coast. Find out more about Village Church here.



Adam, Heather and Mary Cetrangolo

Adam, Heather and Mary Cetrangolo

adam cetrangolo

St Cath's Caulfield South

A little under four years ago, Heather and I moved to the south side of Melbourne to work across three Churches. Heather fell in love with a small community in Caulfield South and led the charge of major change-management while I was primarily involved in planting a new young adults congregation in Elsternwick. It was clear that the small community in Caulfield South was looking more and more like a plant than an existing congregation and required permission to be that if it was going to truly thrive and be an effective centre for making disciples and growing leaders. So in October 2013 it re-launched as St Cath's Caulfield South, with the tag-line: 'Real God, Real People' - a Church seeking to reach a post-church generation with authentic encounters with God through authentic people.

The re-launch gave way to a new worship style and informal services as well as new ways of doing ministry which have included free community meals, short courses and the hosting of concerts at our church as a way of seeking out people of peace. We are a fun, relaxed community for people of all ages. We offer a unique blend of emphasis on Bible teaching, Spirit-led prayer, social outreach and engagement in global issues. Our team is working towards being a church that nurtures passion and a disciplined prayer-life in a way that is tailored to each individual’s needs and gifts.

The arrival of our beautiful daughter, Mary, in March 2014 necessitated a re-imagining of our roles. In 2014, I was appointed as the lead pastor of St Cath's and gradually fazed myself out of the ministries at the other two churches. Heather is on the staff team and is also the chaplain at a nearby girls school, Shelford Grammar.

You can find out more about who we are by visiting the St Cath's Caulfield South website.

David, Kylie, Maddie, Liam, Peter and Evie

David, Kylie, Maddie, Liam, Peter and Evie

DAvid huynh

Camberwell South Anglican Church

Camberwell South Anglican Church was relaunched in 2014. We are a small and thriving multicultural and multi-generational gospel-shaped community. We are not perfect, rather we are aware of our deeply ingrained sinfulness and the wonderful rescue of our Lord Jesus Christ in paying the price for our sin on a Roman cross. Therefore we are passionate about God’s historic plan of salvation to make, mature and mobilise disciples from every nation. These are expressed daily through our REAL discipleship program to Read the Bible, Engage in Prayer, Abound in Love and to Live for Jesus. Find out more about Camberwell South Anglican Church here.

Pete and Jackie Greenwood

Pete and Jackie Greenwood

Pete Greenwood

Inner west church, kensington

Melbourne’s Inner West is a richly diverse and close-knit community. I fell in love with it the very day I moved in, and yet was also saddened that there did not seem to be many local Gospel-centered, mission-focused churches.

Fast forward 4 years, and by God’s grace I was able to spearhead the planting of Inner West Church as a planting initiative of St. Jude’s Church. We launched in March 2015 with a small core team of around 15 people, but with a big vision to be a church committed to intentional community and local mission. We are focused largely in the suburbs of Kensington, Flemington, North Melbourne and Footscray, but hoping to reach out further westward as we grow.

From the very beginning we felt the call to make disciples who make disciples and plant churches that plant churches. To do that we realised that we would need a new strategy to not only call people to the gospel, but also to see them grow up into maturity in Christ. After careful thought we established a structure that has at its heart small groups of people committed to loving each other like family and serving their neighbourhoods like Jesus. We call these ‘missional communities’. In support of these communities, we also gather all together on Sundays to celebrate who God is and what he has done.

Pete is the lead pastor of Inner West Church and is married to Jackie. Find out more about Inner West Church here.

Stephen and Kallie Tan

Stephen and Kallie Tan

Stephen Tan

Regeneration church monash

In 2013, Stephen attended a church planting conference where the theme was “Multicultural Australia” and the strategic mission opportunity we have with thousands of migrants moving to Australia every year. As a Malaysian Chinese migrant, Stephen felt challenged to plant a church that would effectively reach the many migrants who were moving to Australia. Stephen’s pastor at the time wanted to plant a church that reached the students of Monash University. According to one SBS report, Clayton where Monash University is located is the most ethnically diverse suburb in Australia. Both visions were amalgamated and Stephen was sent out by Mentone Baptist Church to plant Regeneration Church.

Regeneration Church had their official launch in July 2017. They are guided by three core values: 1) Gospel-Centred 2) Transcultural Community 3) Missional. To find out more or to get in touch, visit the Regeneration Church website.



Adrian Tam 600x600.png


Grace City Church Chatswood

Grace City Church Chatswood is a site plant of Grace City Church Dee Why, and is part of the Newfrontiers family of churches globally. It is the first step towards a vision to see many sites of Grace City planted all over Sydney as we seek to become a church that is shaped by God to shape the city.

Chatswood is an area that has been on Adrian & Jess’ heart for many years. In many ways, it has emerged as the CBD of Sydney’s North Shore, and the growth and development of the area as a strategic urban centre shows no signs of slowing down. For this reason, we believe that it is a significant place to plant a flag for the gospel, and we look forward to working alongside the many great churches already in the area.

In July 2017, we commenced weekly gatherings with our launch team and aim to launch public services in February 2018. If you'd like to get involved in any way, we’d love to hear from you! Contact Adrian at  




I feel like the oldest church planter with the youngest church! Our journey began when God called me out of the corporate world as a chartered accountant in my mid-forties and downsized me into a part time student pastor role in a Chinese migrant church plant. I saw an incredible movement of God among the second gener-Asians and began slowly discipling and mentoring a small group of Uni students to lead youth and disciple the next generations relationally through the transitions of life. To retain them God miraculously helped us (Lay Huan, my wife, and our inexperienced and ill-equipped youth shepherds) plant a church in Chatswood early in 2015 under CECA with a God-sized dream of becoming the first of many multi-plying, multi-generational, and multi-ethnic ‘fresh expression’, transformissional disciplemaking churches that transform lives, renew cities and heal the world. Not with gifted and talented pastors and leaders but with God-graced, Word-led and Spirit-empowered young, ordinary, weak, and even ‘boring’ disciplemakers lovingly serving the least and the lost, the lame, the lonely and the left behind. Even our Sunday FelloWorship gatherings have an informal, casual and authentic feel. Find out more about mosaixchurch here.

Blake, Sarah, Herbert, Adelaide and Juniper

Blake, Sarah, Herbert, Adelaide and Juniper

Blake Hatton


My dad is not a church guy, but he understands the world pretty well and so moving to Bondi Beach I asked him, “How do I convince the richest and best looking people in Sydney that we’re lost and we really need Jesus for full life?” Dad said, “Didn’t Jesus himself say that it will be as hard as getting a camel through the eye of a needle?”

Bondi Beach is rich in so many ways. But there isn’t much going on down here in terms of the good news that Jesus is the Lord and that he saves. The gospel seems to be on low. But as well as it being extra hard for the rich to be saved, Jesus said that things that are impossible for us are easy for God. And so, having been set aside by Bondi Anglican, we’re asking God to plant a local church here where people will engage with Jesus and be changed for good. Find out more about Bondi Beach Anglican Church here.

Danny, Helena and the rest of the family

Danny, Helena and the rest of the family

Danny Ford

Joshua Tree, Petersham

This year God has brought together our vision for more people coming to follow Jesus in Sydney's inner west, with Ashfield Presbyterian's desire for a new work to be based out of a vacant property in Petersham. We are spending this year working out the details of this move and seeking to build a larger core group of Christians who desire to launch a new church in 2015. God is continuing to work in the lives of the team as we seek to grow in Him and desire to see others come to know Him. If you or someone you know are interested in finding out more about Joshua Tree, click here.

James McFarlane leads the first service by looking at Matthew 16: 13-20, where Jesus said, "I will build my church..."

James McFarlane leads the first service by looking at Matthew 16: 13-20, where Jesus said, "I will build my church..."

James mcfarlane, murray smith & jonathan pratt

Hornsby presbyterian church

The planning for Hornsby Presbyterian Church (HPC) began in 2014 when Jonathan, Murray and James (along with added wisdom from their lovely wives!) got together and started doing some "Gospel dreaming" about planting a new church in the north of Sydney. After receiving official support from the Presbyterian Church (Presbytery of Sydney North), the process of building a Launch Team began in July 2016.

After much prayer and planning, HPC held its first service of Gathered Worship on the 5th February 2017! We are deeply grateful to Barker College for allowing us to meet in one of their rooms in this initial period. We were also very encouraged to have 85 people attend the service. Our prayer is that this new church will join other local churches in proclaiming the life-changing Gospel of Jesus to the people of Hornsby. Find out more about HPC here.

Jeremy, Kezia and Jemima Grace

Jeremy, Kezia and Jemima Grace


Redemption hill, green square

Redemption Hill is a new church in Green Square, which launched in March 2017. Our vision is ‘Jesus. Everyday.’. This means we are a church that is not just about Sundays, but we believe the everyday spaces of our lives, where we work, where we live, where we eat and where we play, matter to Jesus. He says about all these spaces: “Mine. It’s all mine”.

In August 2016, we began gathering fortnightly as a small group to dream, plan, pray and work out what a new church would look like in Green Square, an area which over the next 15-20 years, will see 40,000 people move in. Our prayer is to see whole lives, the whole of Green Square, our city renewed in a holistic way: socially, culturally, physically, relationally, and spiritually, until Jesus’ song resound and His Name is heard everywhere on earth.

Is this something you want to be part of? We’d love you to join us. To find out more, please visit our website.

Michael and Amy Nhieu

Michael and Amy Nhieu



Chapel Hill Rozelle is passionate about bringing new life in Jesus to the people in Sydney’s Inner West. The Inner West is the cultural centre of Sydney and planting Chapel Hill has been a strategic gospel ministry opportunity to reach Sydney's ‘new urbanism’, the growing movement of many creatives, students, professionals and young families moving into the area.
If you are looking for a community on mission to Sydney’s growing inner city basin, at Chapel Hill you will find a group of people who are passionate about loving and serving Jesus and are eager to meet you. Michael Nhieu is the pastor leading Chapel Hill and is married to Amy. To visit and learn more about Chapel Hill please go to their website.

Tim Clemens Church Family.jpeg

Tim Clemens

Grace City Church, green square

Green Square is a new development area just 5km from Sydney's CBD. Over the next 15 years, Green Square is predicted to grow by 30,000 people. Most of these will be highly educated young professionals. We believe that Green Square provides a unique opportunity to plant a strategic gospel ministry in one of Sydney's fastest growing regions.

Our prayer is that God would use Grace City Church to see thousands of disciples throughout Sydney and beyond become radically committed to the cause of Christ. By God’s grace they will worship God passionately, love their church deeply, and serve their city boldly.

Tim is leading Grace City and is married to Emma. To learn more about Grace City Church, check out their website.



Jamie, Claire and their family

Jamie, Claire and their family


Southern beaches anglican, Dodges Ferry

In a partnership with City to City Australia, Soma Australia and the Bush Church aid Society: Jamie Bester, with his wife Claire and three children are leading a new church plant in the Southern Beaches area of Southern Tasmania.

This area was listed as the fastest growing region of Tasmania in the latest census and is without any regular Christian gathering.

Jamie and Claire gave up careers in business management focused on business start-ups and re-structures to serve God and his kingdom, seeking to use their gifts for Gods purposes. Jamie will be ordained within the Anglican Diocese of Tasmania in February 2018 to plant “Southern Beaches Anglican”.

God has given Jamie and Claire a heart for the lost and given them a strong focus on hospitality and service within the community. They believe that it’s important to not only tell people about Jesus but also to show the community the love that Jesus brings. Jamie says: “We must have total belief that the Gospel can change lives, communities and the world around us”

The vision statement tells the story of what this church plant is praying:
Southern Beaches Anglican: “Love like family, live like missionaries, making disciples as servants of Jesus Christ” Please pray this prayer with them. Find out more about Southern Beaches Anglican here.