What a gospel movement looks like in our city

july 2019, gold coast

What would a gospel movement look like in our cities and sub-cities? At the Gold Coast Network Breakfast Andrew Katay speaks on the what and why of church planting. He challenges that church planting should be collaborative and city facing because it takes a movement to change a city.

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Gospel in the City conference New zealand

May 2019, all saints church, palmerstone north

How do we put a Post Christian Environment and Gospel Movements in our cities together? At New Zealand’s first Gospel in the City Conference hear from Guna Ramen and Andrew Katay on the topics: Gospel Renewal, Contextualising to Reach a City, Evangelism in a Post Christian Environment, Church Planting as Movement Dynamic, Integrative Ministry, Movement.


Go deeper discipleship conference

September 2018, st john’s ministry centre, ashfield.

It is not always easy knowing what to say to help others grow in Christian maturity or engage with God, his people, and his mission. The Go Deeper day was designed to equip you have conversations that enable others to go deeper with God and each other.

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Saturate the City

May 2018, St John’s Ministry Centre, Ashfield

How can the church regain a foothold in cities that have largely dismissed Christianity? How can churches thrive when pews are empty and morale is low? How can everyday Christians be reenergised with a passionate love for the lost? Only by saturating the city with Christians and communities saturated by the Gospel.



Renewing My Workplace is a practical workshop for Christians who want to serve Christ through their work. In 2016 we looked at how Christians can live "dangerously" by faith in times of unprecedented change, disruption and uncertainty.



Renewing My Workplace aims to give you some ideas to ponder and tools to use to equip you to serve God through your work.

Pastors' and Planters' Conference

March 2014, Wesley Centre, Sydney

During three days in March 2014, over 700 Pastors and Church Planters gathered to consider the importance of a Gospel Movement to reach our cities for Christ. Dr Tim Keller, Senior Pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church, NY led attendees through six keynote sessions as well as three group consultations all aimed at encouraging thought, discussion, biblical reflection and prayer on the kinds of scaffolding necessary to build effective urban ministries.



March 2014, Luna Park, Sydney

Dr Tim Keller presents a public lecture examining the doubts of skeptics and suggesting that a robust, thoughtful faith in the Christian God is both intellectually credible and existentially satisfying.


March 2014, Luna park, Sydney

Citizens Conference is all about equipping young Christians with a deep understanding of the city and the Gospel, with a challenge to look at the kinds of changes in our lives that come from the Gospel of Grace.


March 2014, ANGEL PLACE, Sydney

A women's conference exploring issues around significant life challenges, such as illness, financial strain and death, and how they relate to faith and God’s purposes.

church planting conversations 101
with Josh Kelsey

church planting conversations 101.2
with Michael Nhieu, Matthew Straw, and Josh Kelsey

The Difference between the Gospel and Religion

Tim Keller gives a simple explanation for why the Gospel of Jesus Christ is completely different to a religion that requires certain behaviours to earn favour with God.

why doesn't the Gospel change me

In the first part of Tim Keller's look at the elder brother in the Parable of the Prodigal Son (Luke 15:11-32) he asks why some Christians go astray in understanding the Gospel.

how do I know if I'm a Moralist

In the second part of Tim Keller's look at the elder brother in the Parable of the Prodigal Son (Luke 15:11-32) he examines signs of moralism, which might reveal a basic lack of trust in the Gospel.

How then do I respond as a christian and not a moralist

In the third part of Tim Keller's look at the elder brother in the Parable of the Prodigal Son (Luke 15:11-32) he highlights the big difference between believing the Gospel and living as a moralist.

How does sin work?

In this short message, Tim Keller talks about sin by using Augustine's classic idea that sin disorders our "loves". So, the things that I should love first (namely God) come way behind the things that he has created.


When grace dynamics take hold of a church, what are the things I should expect to see? Tim Keller explains in this short video that I should expect growth as well as several other changes in the life of my church.


Part 1: A Conversation with Tim keller

Part 2: A Conversation with Tim keller

Part 3: A Conversation with Tim keller

Part 4: A Conversation with Tim keller

Part 5: A Conversation with Tim keller


CAN a Christian run an offshore detention centre?

When faced with dilemmas in our careers, sometimes we face crises that bring into sharp relief those things at that are important about our faith in Christ. For Greg Lake being faithful as an employee managing detention centres meant the very real possibility of being unfaithful to his conscience as a Christian. 

How does a Management Consultant reflect her faith in a competitive environment?

Management Consultant, Fiona McKenzie, shares how some she has learned to respond as a Christian in a tough business environment. Her story reflects something of the delight we derive from the achievement of work well done, especially when our work helps others flourish. Her story also shows that even in this context there are difficult decisions to make, especially in terms of our ethics.

How does a Plumber contribute to human flourishing?

Jonathan is a small business owner who manages a plumbing business. Amidst the multiple balls he has to juggle every day: the urgent jobs, the seemingly endless administration and sometimes insurmountable problems, he reflects on the noble calling of plumbing and how this ancient trade has been instrumental to human flourishing.

What does a photographer see when she takes family portraits?

Mish Koh trained as an Electrical Engineer and had a promising corporate career ahead of her. However, rather than pursue this path she opted to start her own business as a photographer, specialising in human portraits. Her insights are fascinating as she reflects on what she sees as a photographer.

Why does an Engineer give up the ownership of his multi-million dollar company?

Alan Barnhart started his career as an Engineer moving over-sized objects over long distances. As co-owners of Barnhart Cranes and Rigging however he and his brother have assigned the ownership of the company wealth to a charitable trust because of convictions God laid on their hearts while they were young. Find out more about Alan's story here.



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A Nativity Carols Service by Laurel Moffatt. It balances the lighthearted with the serious, nestles right in to Scripture without necessarily quoting large slabs verbatim, uses traditional, familiar Christmas carols that relate directly to the action of the play, presents the Gospel clearly to both kids and adults without excluding either, is well-written, and is easy for kids to speak and memorise.

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EVERY good endeavour study guide

The Australian Centre for Faith and Work has developed a study guide based on Timothy Keller's and Katherine Leary Alsdorf's book "Every Good Endeavour", available now to download free of charge.



The Gotham Fellowship is a one-year intensive training program designed to be delivered in your church. It provides a terrific foundation for workers who want to know how their faith can have meaningful integration with their work.


Monday Matters

Monday Matters is a great resource for small groups, which looks at why we are called to serve God in our work. Author, Mark Bilton, has freely made his eight-part video study available and the Centre for Faith and Work is pleased to promote this as a great resource on Faith and Work.



ReFrame is a powerful 10-week film based exploration of what it means to follow Christ in the modern era. ReFrame arose from the Marketplace Institute at Regent College (Vancouver, Canada) and blends world-class teaching with real life examples of how to live out the gospel in everyday life.



The beginning of a new year is a perfect time to evaluate our patterns of work and rest. This Sabbath worksheet from David H. Kim, Executive Director of the Centre for Faith & Work (NYC), will help you examine your current rhythms of work and rest by providing ideas for a Sabbath plan for the coming year. Drawing from Marva Dawn's book, Keeping the Sabbath Wholly: Ceasing, Resting, Embracing, Feasting, this resource will bring intentionality to your rest for 2017.


Theology of Work Project

This is a fantastic website packed with online resources for Workplace Christians, Pastors and Scholars. It is also provides a unique online commentary of the Bible that looks specifically at what it teaches on issues related to work.


There's a whole ebook about why CITY TO CITY existS

Tim Keller is the founding pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church and a New York Times bestselling author. In 2001, he started Redeemer City to City which has helped start over 381 churches in 54 cities. We'll send you a free eBook from Tim Keller that talks about why cities, why churches, and how global cities can be renewed.