How can I be loving in a non-Christian workplace? How can I determine and sustain a Gospel objective for my work? How can I be a Christian in my workplace without fear or compromise? How can I be a good manager and a witness at the same time?

These are the kinds of questions people asked at our first Renewing My Workplace conference in 2015. We returned in 2016 to provide more help through studies, tools and practical advice to Christian workers. At Saturday's Symposium we looked at how Christians can live "dangerously" by faith in times of unprecedented change, disruption and uncertainty.

Session One - Prof. jeffrey P. greenman

identity, purpose and meaning derived from the gospel

Professor Jeffrey Greenman, President of Regent College, Canada, opens the Renewing My Workplace conference Saturday sessions with a keynote talk on how Christians need to understand their identity in Christ as a foundation for dealing with change in their vocation and work.


Session TWO - Kara Martin

A 'Grace-Shaped' workplace

Highlights of Kara Martin's morning talk, which was a practical workshop for attendees to consider ways of changing their workplace cultures. This video captures Kara's introduction and the main story that underpinned the workshop.


Session THREE - Andrew katay

how the Gospel shapes my understanding of change

City to City Australia CEO, Andrew Katay talks about the Gospel's impact on how we handle the disruptive change in our lives.


Session FOUR - Alan Barnhart

My story as an engineer

Alan Barnhart, President Barnhart Crane and Rigging shares his story of deciding to serve God as an engineer rather than a missionary. He also shares his views of how to use wealth as a means of serving God and others.


Session FIVE - Short talks

Workplace Discipleship - An Inside Look

Eliane Miles shares her story of serving God as a social researcher for McCrindle.


Robert Mellor shares his story as a Christian working in the field of economics.


Clare Steele shares her story as a mother of three, who holds a degree in Engineering and has held down a variety of jobs over the years.


John Beckett shares his story as a Christian and Social Entrepreneur.


Session SIX - Q&A

Workplace Discipleship - DISCUSSION

Nerida Peart chairs the Q & A session with Jeffrey Greenman, Kara Martin, Alan Barnhart and Clare Steele on the panel.


Session SEVEN - prof. Jeffrey p. greenman

Implications of My Identity in Christ

This is the final talk of the conference and where Professor Jeffrey Greenman takes the hearer's through the take-home challenges of being a Christian in times of disruption and change.



CLosing Reflections

City to City Australia Chairman, Wendy Simpson offers her reflections of the Renewing My Workplace 2016 conference.