When urban church planters set out to start new churches in their cities, we want them to succeed. We recruit, assess, train, and coach local leaders all over Australia, helping them to launch and grow healthy churches.


New churches take the lead to reach new people groups and generations with the gospel and act as a lab for existing churches. City to City Australia utilises resources from the City to City Network to share the best training, thinking and experience after planting about 300 churches.


City to City works with network leaders all over the world to create sustainable and faster-growing gospel movements. We are seeing networks of gospel-centred churches that train, fund, and support others so that hundreds of new churches can be planted and sustained in 65 global cities by 2025.


Australian cities, like most global cities, are super expensive, and a lot of the churches we help start each year will require money to get off the ground. When the church becomes self supporting, it can provide seed money to start another church in that city.