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Have You ever considered having a Gospel Coach?

The Gospel Coach enquires about the relational, personal, missional and spiritual aspects of a leader’s life. These intentional conversations are gospel-focused and provide real support and encouragement for Christian leaders to grow in spiritual maturity, skills and knowledge.

Our coaches have been trained and selected for their skilful caring for others, and are available to partner with those establishing a church plant and with those who already have an established ministry.

If you would like to have a coach please follow the link and complete the form to get in touch https://www.citytocity.coach




Would you like to grow as a leader?

City to City Australia is in the unique position of being licensed to conduct 360° reviews that assess three key areas of leadership in ministry:

(a) how you conduct yourself in important conversations,
(b) how you lead teams, and
(c) how you lead organisational change.

Results from the 360° review are used to consider how a leader might grow through a series of predictable, learnable 'agility levels' that are rooted in well‐documented stages of personal development. The results and the feedback are then augmented with gospel-centred coaching. The outcome is leaders who are growing in their ability to lead gospel-shaped ministries.

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The 360° review was developed as a result of the research done by Bill Joiner and his team. The book Leadership Agility is a good introduction to the ideas behind the 360° review.

Our Director of Coaching, Roger Bray, is Certified in the Leadership Agility 360. If you would like to explore how to grow as a leader using this 360° review, please complete the form below.

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Coaching provides church planters with support, assistance and accountability. A coach helps a planter develop their church planting competencies, addresses personal life issues, and provides insights into role navigation in the church planting project in the context of a friendship. It is a process of imparting encouragement and skills to the planter in order to succeed in starting a gospel-centered church, in the context of a gospel friendship.




Download the Certified Coach Pathway PDF


If you would like to be trained as a coach, email us to find out more and apply for our coach training programme at coaching@citytocityaustralia.org.au